General Instructions

  • From the guidelines for the selection of courses, choose your courses. (Select only One course from each group.)
  • As Admissions are granted on the basis of the cut-off points merit, no change in any course can be allowed later.
  • No Fees will be refunded.
  • All Computer method, Psychology and Geography students shall have to pay separate fee.
  • Students seeking admission to this college, will be required on compulsory basis, to make an AFFIDAVIT on a prescribed form, that they shall attend 75% of total number of actual lectures delivered in each semester separately.
  • The B.A. programme is full time three years Under Graduate programme. The medium of instruction shall be Gujarati and English. The students are allowed to write the answers in respective medium in the examinations.
  • The programme consists of Six Semesters. Semester I and II in the First Year of the Programme, Semester III and IV in the second Year and V and VI Semesters in the Third Year of the programme. Each academic year shall comprise of two semesters viz. Even and odd semesters. Odd semester I / III / Vshall be from June / July to November / December and Even Semesters II / IV / VI shall be from December / January to May / June.
  • The Programme consists of 156 credits equally divided into 26 credits per semester.
  • The programme consists of the following types of courses.
    1. Core Compulsory courses in English: common for all optional specialization groups.
    2. Core Compulsory courses in Indian Languages (Sanskrit): common for all optional specialization groups.
    3. Core courses: One area of specialization for all optional specialization groups.
    4. Subject Elective course I and II: Separate for all optional specialization groups.
    5. Foundation course and soft skill course for all specialization groups.
  • A Student of First Semester shall be admitted in the Second Semester, if he/she has successfully kept the term in First Semester. To move in the Third semester, a student's has successfully kept the term in second Sem. Like wise To move in the fourth, fifth and Sixth semester, a students has to successfully kept the term in previous semesters. He or She must have appeared in the college internal examination of previous semesters.
  • A candidate must have at least 75% attendance and should have satisfactory performance in class participation of each course and must have appeared in college internal written test to be eligible for grant of semester.
  • Students who have 50% to 75% of attendance shall apply for condonation in prescribed form with the Assurance letter along with Rs. 500 deposit as a Financial guarantee.
  • Students who have below 50% of attendance or students who have not appeared in college internal examination are not eligible to appear for the Uni. examination.
  • The following shall be the uniform policy regarding internal attendance marks for U. G. and P.G. Classes (CBCS) Average Class Attendance of Sem. Average Marks to be in% of actual lectures delivered given of Attendance 50.00% - cut off point for appear in Uni. Exam 49.99% - 0 50 to 56.99% - 1 57 to 64.99% - 2 65 to 69.99% - 3 70 to 74.99% - 4 75% and above - 5
  • The end semester examination, which will be a written-type examination of at least 3 hours duration. Each course will be assessed on the basis of 100 marks. The marks would be divided between internal and external assessment.
  • The minimum passing standard will be 36% for the external and internal component of each course, i.e. 25 marks out of 70 and 11 marks out of 30. Every students will be required to pass the external examination and internal examination separately in each course.
  • Failed candidates in the Internal examination are permitted to improve their internal examination marks in the subsequent semesters (2 chances will be given) by writing test.
  • Students have to submit an Assignment (With Roll No., Subject and paper No.) to concern Professor in 8 to 10 full scap pages in CC, CE-1 and CE-2.
  • A candidate shall be eligible for the conferment of the Degree of bachelor of Arts (Honours) only if he / she has earned the minimum required credits for the programme prescribed therefore (i.e. 156 credits).
  • Any student found using unfair means, as per College and University rules and also as per relevant ordinances, during an internal test, shall be given zero marks in the concerned paper/s. In case marks in other papers, are more than passing in the final mark sheet, including attendance marks, they shall be reduced to minimum passing as punishment for malpractice and unfair means.
  • No Admission shall be given to any student in the Second/Fourth/Sixth semester of current academic year who shall have not attended 50% of total number of actual lectures delivered in the first/third/fifth semester and the University examination form shall be withdrawn in all cases where attendance of the student is below 50%.
  • Out of total internal evaluation marks, 5 marks per paper have been reserved for attendance. The Attendance Marks, will be given as per the above formula. No case will be condoned on grounds of Sports, NCC. NSS, etc. in the matter of minimum requirement of attendance.
  • The students must carry their Identity Card. They will not be allowed to attend classes or participate in College activities without their identity card. Students are not allowed to bring outsiders with them in the College premises. A penalty of Rs.500/- shall be charged, in case of infringement of the rule.
  • The College expects dignified and disciplined conduct from all the students.
  • Students should look upon the College property, building, furniture and gardens as their pride and refrain from disfiguring and damaging them,
  • Students should read carefully the Admission Rules, Disciplinary Inquiry and Punishment Rules displayed on the notice board, before seeking admission in this College.
  • The formation of the students representative council shall be purely on the basis of merit admission is granted on this condition.
  • A late fee ranging from Rs. 50/- to 200/- shall be charged on late deposit of examination form, semester fee etc after stipulated dates.
  • There is a total ban on use of tobacco in the College premises and in the main building. Smoking is prohibited in the campus. A penalty of Rs. 500/- will be charged for infringement of the rule.
  • No female/male student shall be permitted in the College premises with objectionable dress as per the opinion of the Principal. Strict compliance to the dress code is expected.
  • The College office will provide service to the Undergraduate students between 9:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. and 12:30 P.M. to 2:30 P.M. for Post Graduate Students during working days.
  • No Student shall be permitted to enter the main building after 7:30 A.M. All Students will participate in the daily prayer.
  • Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited within the College campus.
  • There will be no tuition fee for female students at U.G. Level.
  • In the case of any kind of Ragging, admission will be cancelled and legal steps will be taken.