Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness: A Legacy of Excellence

Established in 1937, our institution stands as a beacon of education, steeped in a rich history that has shaped its unique identity. In a region characterized by diversity, our college proudly holds the distinction of being one of the few English-medium grant-in-aid Arts Colleges. Our commitment to providing quality education knows no boundaries, welcoming students from diverse cultural, regional, and religious backgrounds.

Diversity and Meritocracy:

At the core of our institution's philosophy is a commitment to diversity and meritocracy. Our admissions process is marked by objectivity and a focus on merit, ensuring that talent and potential are the driving factors in selecting our students. This approach reflects our dedication to providing equal educational opportunities to all, regardless of their background.

Spirituality and Rationality:

As each day dawns within the hallowed halls of our college, a dual prayer, both sacred and secular, sets the tone. This unique practice symbolizes our commitment to fostering a holistic environment that values both spirituality and rationality. It's a testament to our belief that education goes beyond textbooks and exams; it's about nurturing the whole individual.

Academic Excellence:

Academic excellence is the heartbeat of our institution. Year after year, our students, spanning all three academic years, consistently shine in university merit lists. Many graduate with distinction and first-class honours, a testament to the rigorous academic environment we provide. To recognize and celebrate these achievements, we offer a range of scholarships, awards, and medals.

Path to Higher Studies and Careers:

Upon completing their three-year program, a significant percentage of our students excel in competitive examinations, paving the way for higher studies and successful careers. Alumni like Kathan Jitendrakumar Dabhi, who secured admission to Brunel University, London, for a master's in English Literature, exemplify the caliber of talent our institution nurtures. Others, such as Kaji Tabussum and Hinali Purohit, cleared the State Eligibility Test for Assistant Professor in Economics, while Ayushi Srivastava and Dirghaj Davda gained admission to prestigious MBA programs.

NCC Excellence:

Our institution proudly excels in NCC activities, led by Captain. Dr. Vinod Meena who leads the Boys’ unit, and Dr. Jagruti Thummar. who leads the Girls’ Unit. Both our NCC units have three wings of Army, Navy and Air force.  Students actively participate in rigorous training programs, national events, and Republic Day Parade Camps.

Gender Justice and Equality:

Our institution places a strong emphasis on gender justice and equality, exemplified through our Collegiate Women’s Development Committee (CWDC), established in 2005. Regular activities, guest lectures, personal counselling by renowned doctors and dieticians, and grievance mechanisms ensure a safe and empowering environment for our female students.


The National Service Scheme (NSS) is another feather in our cap, recognized at the national level. Dr. N.P. Verma, the convener of our NSS unit and two of our students Ravi Jani and Gautam Mistry received recognition from the President of India. Activities such as blood donation drives, tree planting, and visits to orphanages and old age homes underscore our commitment to social welfare and community development.


Sports and Cultural Activities:

The college has a brilliant record of achievements in Sports and Cultural Activities. The sports events are managed and organized by our sports director Dr. Manoj Thakore. Our students have won gold, silver and bronze medals at the university, state and national levels in events such as football, kho kho, handball, judo, chess, swimming, boxing, kabaddi, rifle shooting and athletics.

The achievements in cultural activities are equally noteworthy. The college cultural committee is led by Dr. Jenny Rathod (Co-ordinator) and other faculty members. The students of our college have an outstanding record of achievements in cultural activities at the Youth Festival in literary events, fine arts, music, theater and performing arts at the university, state and national levels. Ghata Vasavada represented LD Arts College, Gujarat University, and India at SAUFEST in the event of elocution. Raj Virani won the Times of India Public Speaking contest. Some of our former students are actively working in the entertainment industry as actors and singers.

Mahadev Desai and Karnik Hutheesingh Elocution Trophy

The Mahadev Desai and Karnik Hutheesingh Elocution Trophy, a hallmark of distinction at L D Arts College, exemplifies a rich tradition of elocution excellence. Established in 1950, this competition has stood as a beacon of prestige for sixty-eight years showcasing the Gujarati language's eloquence in the state. This unique and distinctive feature of L D Arts College continues to foster linguistic and intellectual brilliance, solidifying its place in the annals of educational excellence.

The Geeta Jayanti Elocution Competition, is organized by the Department of Sanskrit, headed by Dr. Gajendra Panda. Its unique feature is it is organized purely in the Sanskrit language and has a history of 15 years. It includes a debate competition and a recitation competition of shlokas from the Geeta.

The Placement Cell at L D Arts College headed by Prof. Jayesh Solanki stands as a beacon of uniqueness and innovation, setting the institution apart as one of the very few arts colleges in the state to have established such a remarkable feature. The genesis of the Placement Cell at L. D. Arts College was rooted in the recommendations of the NAAC peer team, showcasing the institution's commitment to excellence. The college's esteemed reputation acts as a magnet, attracting renowned companies like Hitachi, Wipro, HDFC Bank, MOTIF, and Eureka Forbes Ltd, all of which eagerly participate in offering career counselling and attractive packages to the students.

IGNOU Study Centre: The college IGNOU study centre is one of the largest in Gujarat and second largest in India. It offers over 150 certificate to post graduate courses and nearly 8000 students enroll in this centre.

All-Round Personality Development:

Our institution's commitment to all-round personality development is unwavering. We emphasize the importance of attendance, a proper dress code, and active participation in enhancing our institution's uniqueness. As we look ahead, we remain dedicated to upholding our legacy of excellence while adapting to the evolving landscape of education.